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How Russia’s Ukraine War and the West’s Response to it Accelerate Environmental Havoc

Note from LeftEast editors: this article is a reprint. It originally appeared in German, as part of the Anti Extractivism project of the Berliner Gazette. In the midst of panic in energy markets – caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine and the West’s sanctions policy – all climate goals and demands for environmental, […]

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We Asked: Geopolitics and the Left (Part I: Russia & the West)

The latest wave of confrontation between Russia and the West—from the Skripal affair and the following diplomat expulsions and sanctions on Russia to the gassing of Douma residents most likely perpetrated by the Assad regime and the resulting US-UK-French bombing raids on Syria–rarely left the front pages of mainstream media. LeftEast has until now resisted […]

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Interview: Gilbert Achcar on the Russian military operation in Syria 

Ilya Budraitskis: It has been several days since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria and the goals and strategy of this operation are still unclear. The explanation coming from Russian officials is unclear. On one hand they put an anti-ISIS agenda as the main reason of the operation, and on the other […]