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LeftEast style sheet for contributors

We encourage the submission of original material as well as requests on the part of other forums to republish work for the sake of reaching a broader audience. We equally encourage the republication of our own work by comradely sites, so long as the original publication on LeftEast is acknowledged.

At present, our site runs entirely on volunteer labor – from editors and authors alike. To be published, submissions first need to be approved by editors, but for the sake of facilitating a smooth editorial process and thus shortening the time it takes for submissions to appear on our site, we request that authors format their contributions in accordance with the following standard:

  • Please submit prospective articles as Word documents in 12-point type, single spaced
  • Though we do not have an absolute rule on article length, we generally prefer articles of about 1500 words. By far the greater portion of our articles fall in the range between 1000 and 3000 words, and we ask that authors keep this in mind as an ideal range.
  • We prefer hyperlinks to footnotes or any other form of reference, and ask that authors insert and format the hyperlinks themselves. 
  • We prefer endnotes in case some clarifications are needed that cannot be part of the main text.
  • LeftEast articles refer to individuals by the gender with which they themselves identify. We ask contributors to check and use the preferred pronouns of persons they refer to in articles. If it is discovered that there are any mistakes regarding the gender of individuals referred to in articles, the editors reserve the right to correct the text.

We request that all prospective authors provide the following materials in their submissions:

  • Article text in .docx or similar format (no .pdf-s please!)
  • short biographical note of the author, which can include a twitter handle, blog etc. Authors we have previously published may choose to update their bio.
  • An author’s picture, if they wish such to appear. We prefer to have all materials with the author’s picture but in exceptional cases can waive this requirement.
  • Because our articles appear in English, we have editors on-site who can revise contributions in accordance with standard English usage, broadly considered. In case you can have the text copy-edited by a native speaker before your submission that would be a relief for us.

Authors or editors with material in languages other than English are welcome to send us a query at We may then consider whether or not we have a potential translator for the piece, unless the author herself would like to nominate one. 

LeftEast editors also reserve the right to repost through our social media materials from other media, upon our own discretion.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

In solidarity,

The LeftEast editorial board