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VIDEO: A talk with Sandro Mezzadra in Budapest

Interviewers: Raia Apostolova and Mathias Fiedler On June 22 a group of migrants declared a hunger strike in Munich, Germany. The strike struck at the heart of the European Empire which in the last decades has been the source of the migration policies responsible for the production and further reinforcement of the European Apartheid and […]

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Unpacking the “Bulgarian Spring”

Mary N. Taylor I’ve just come back to New York from Sofia, Bulgaria, where there have been daily protests gatherings and marches, punctuated by chants of “step down” and, less frequently, yet consistently, “red garbage” and “mafia out of parliament”, accompanied by the sound of a three whistle march step. A general assembly has met […]

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VIDEO: Against capitalism, self-imposed colonialism and nesting orientalism – A Subversive Festival panel

Panel organized during the Subversive Festival, Zagreb 2013. The written versions of the interventions will soon be published on LeftEast.