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Without shelter: housing policy in wartime

This article is part of the multilingual ELMO series CEE housing movements resisting neoliberal urban transformations and it originally appeared in English and Ukrainian on Spilne/Commons on 2nd April 2022. Translated from Ukrainian by Yuliia Kulish. “The realtor said that today there were more than 300 requests, with only 5 apartments successfully found.” “We searched all […]

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“They are hoarding rubbish and burning tyres wherever you put them…”: Displacing and Disciplining Roma Waste Pickers in Belgrade

Since 2009 Belgrade has become the site of massive interventions in ‘public order’ that revolve around one problematic subject: the ‘informal individual Roma waste picker’. Interventions to restore ‘public order’ usually come under different banners ranging from hygienic living conditions, to security, to civil rights. In the name of realizing common goods these interventions profoundly […]