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VIDEO: #TalkReal in Athens

Note from the LeftEast editors: This is the first English episode of #TalkReal, a show that aims to explore the current possibilities and challenges before the left-wing movements in crisis-ridden Europe. LeftEast is happy to join in the media platforms which will be sharing the clips, including so far OpenDemocracy and ROARmag.

After months of negotiations Greece reached a bad agreement with its Eurozone partners. The question “What comes next?” was widely discussed at the GCAS World Conference Democracy Rising in Athens (16-19 July), in which the interviewees of #TalkReal took part. As Markos Vogiatsoglou from the newly formed platform Europe Says OXI put it, the conference had become a “laboratory for the European Left’s today and tomorrow”: a spirit that the #TalkReal show also reflects.

In this clip European Alternatives’ and #TalkReal’s Lorenzo Marsili asks Costas Douzinas, Margarita Tsomou, Srecko Horvat, and Jerome Roos the questions that concern us all: What should be done to relaunch a struggle for a democratic and just Europe? The speakers explore if Greece can become a catalyst for a wider European mobilisation.

(artistic direction Berardo Carboni)

Source: AP