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The Power of the Polish Women’s Strike

Note from LeftEast  editors. The article is a reprint: it originally appeared at JewishCurrent on April 1 2021. Translated from Polish by Sean Gasper Bye.              ON MARCH 8TH, 2021, International Women’s Day, I drew a lightning bolt on my mask in red lipstick, put a thermos in my backpack, and went out […]

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One Falls, We all Fall! Manifesto of international feminist solidarity

On the 26th of July, Alexandra Măceșanu, aged 15, was declared missing. The teenage girl had been kidnapped 3 days prior from nearby the city of Caracal, in the south of Romania, held against her will and raped by  65-year-old Gheorghe Dincă. Dincă confessed not only to her murder, but also to that of Luiza […]