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The Power of the Polish Women’s Strike

Note from LeftEast  editors. The article is a reprint: it originally appeared at JewishCurrent on April 1 2021. Translated from Polish by Sean Gasper Bye.              ON MARCH 8TH, 2021, International Women’s Day, I drew a lightning bolt on my mask in red lipstick, put a thermos in my backpack, and went out […]

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Svjetlana Nedimović: “We have been commanded to take care of our souls while the authorities will take care of the real estate”

The following interview was conducted by Amer Bahtijar and was originally published in Bosnian at the online portal, Tačno. It was translated by Alja Gudzevich and edited by Natalie Gravenor and Marina Antić. In February 2014, Bosnia and Herzegovina experienced its first workers uprising since the anti-war protests of 1992. Unexpected and spreading like wildfire, the protests […]