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From Blockades To Axes: Radical Workers’ Actions Then And Now

Note from the LeftEast editors: This is a translation of an article that appeared with Radnicka Prava on October 21 2022. The article is based on articles from a publicly available archive, The Archive of Workers’ Struggles. The archive was established by the Organization for Workers’ Initiative and Democratization (BRID), which started as a research […]


Labor and the Left in Azerbaijan: An Interview with the Worker’s Voice Collective

LeftEast editors met our Azerbaijani comrades at LevFem’s / Transnational Social Strike’s conference in September 2022 in Sofia. As we knew almost nothing of the left in that country, we asked them for an interview, and they generously obliged. LE: Could you introduce yourselves: who are you and what are you fighting for? We are […]

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The New Heroes of their Class

After two privatizations, massive layoffs and two worker strikes in less than a decade, the quarry and lime plant “Ravnaja AD” bears testament to the class struggle in Serbia, serving as a vivid example to the dictatorship of capital over the lives of workers who toil for their bare existence in the country. In the […]

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The open violence of the Balkan labour reforms: an interview with Aleksandar Matković

The following interview between Petar Protić and Aleksandar Matković originally appeared in Serbo-Croatian at Al Jazeera Balkans and concerns the recent labour laws that have been carried out almost simultaneously across several Balkan countries, each bearing similar tendencies: a weakening of workers’ rights and a strengthening of the rights of employers, the increase of precarious […]