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Anatomy of a Social Murder: The Çorlu Train Massacre

This article reads like Garcia Marquez’s 1981 Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The dead this time is not Santiago Nasar but the passengers of a train that crosses Turkey’s European part and the murderer—not the Vicario twins, but the state-led liberalization of Turkish Railways, one of the crowning achievements of the AKP government. The Çorlu […]


Zhanoazen, Kazakhstan: Who Ordered the Killings and Tortures?

by Gabriel Levy, on (December 13, 2015) Who ordered police to shoot down oil workers demonstrating for fair living standards? Who organised the torture of activists in police cells? Four years after police killed at least 16 demonstrators and injured 60 more in the oil city of Zhanaozen in western Kazakhstan, trade unionists and human […]

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What does a victim look like? An interview with Šelja Kamerić on the legacy of ‘Bosnian Girl’

Originally appeared on Balkanist. Šejla Kamerić discusses the status of art and women in the Balkans as well as her controversial piece “Bosnian Girl.” Inspired by the graffiti printed on the walls of the army barracks of Potočari, the piece takes on a renewed significance as the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica massacre approaches.   […]