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Strange bedfellows: Islamophobia, antisemitism, and central Europe’s fascination with Israel

In the summer of 2017, I took a group of students and artists to a town in northeastern Poland called Suwałki, close to the Lithuanian, Belarusian, and Russian (Kaliningrad) borders. In this historically multiethnic, multireligious region, it is not uncommon for Jewish, Muslim, and various Christian cemeteries to stand side-by-side, on the same plot of […]

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Afghanistan and Its Challenge to Feminism

Note from LeftEast editors: We reprint the online version of an article that appeared in New Politics on November 17, 2021. The article will be also appearing in the Winter 2022 print issue of New Politics. The Taliban’s takeover of power after the United States’ brutal twenty-year imperialist occupation is a catastrophe for women not […]

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Banning the Veil in Bulgaria

Note from the LeftEast editors: this article has been published in collaboration with the Serbo-Croat web portal Bilten. Last April Pazardzhik, a Bulgarian town with a population of about 70,000, banned Muslim women from wearing veils. Pazardzhik was followed by Stara Zagora, and proposals for introducing similar prohibitions were made in over a third of […]