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“Twenty thousand farmers commit suicide in India every year” – Interview with Madhuresh Kumar

“The moment the more corporations are coming and the market players are coming, the prices will go further down. So as a result, when the input cost is very high, the farmers will not have the desired output. So I think the whole contention is around the fact that the laws are to benefit the corporate houses and the commercialization of agriculture. That’s the one, the second is that the minimum support prices structure and the government subsidies for the farmers, that will end, slowly the government will withdraw from it.”


Struggle in Nepal. Interview with Bikkil Sthapit

Mattia Gallo: Has the international financial crisis of 2008 had an impact on Nepal? What are the social economic conditions of Nepal? What are the main economic and social problems of the country? What are the major economic and social problems of the city of Kathmandu? Bikkil Sthapit: Nepal has not faced any direct impact, […]