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[VIDEO] War on Ukraine, the impact on West Asia and North Africa and solidarities from below

This discussion is a collaboration between LeftEast, Dis:orient, and the Bildungswerk der Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. As Russia’s war in Ukraine enters its fourth month, its impact on West Asia and North Africa (WANA) remains only sporadically analyzed. This, despite the multitude of political, military, and economic ties both Russia and Ukraine hold with WANA. This virtual talk […]


Russian Truck Drivers on Strike

by Philippe Alcoy Note of the LeftEast editors: this text was published in French on the 15th of December at Revolution Permanente 2015 and reposted in English by Left Voice two days later. LeftEast reprints the English translation with the permission of the author. The Russian government seeks to impose a new tax, called “Platon,” that […]