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The Movement Needs No Commemoration

It isn’t dead. You wouldn’t know that by the news from Bosnian media today, however, one year to the day since the largest and most violent anti-government protests in Bosnia’s recent history took place. They took their cameras to the squares and city centers around the nation, filming the small crowds gathered to mark the […]


Eastern Europe against TTIP Trojan Horse

Posted by Eco-Ruralis on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 Wir Haben Es Satt demo 2014 (click for 2015 demo) Written by Derek Freitas: Food Sovereignty Campaign Coordinator forEco Ruralis The proposed Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is meeting increased resistance in Eastern Europe. The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “STOP TTIP!” is having some success with activating people living in […]

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Words from Budapest. An interview of Gaspar Miklos Tamas with New Left Review.

Interview with G. M. Tamás Your trajectory has been an unusual one: a dissident libertarian philosopher under Communism in both Romania and Hungary, who has emerged as one of the foremost left critics of the capitalist order in eastern Europe, and author of a striking set of essays on the historical and cultural legacies and contemporary […]