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Financialization and horizons for transnational housing organizing after the Berlin referendum

Note from LeftEast editors: This is the recording of a public online roundtable on financialization and housing struggle, organized on November 6, 2021, by the growing network of Eastern European leftist media platforms, ELMO – Eastern European Left Media Outlet.

Using the Berlin referendum vote to expropriate large-scale landlords as a reference, this roundtable gathered activists from movements in Romania, Serbia, Hungary and Germany to discuss the financialization of housing, the work of the invited speakers’ movements to struggle for the right to housing in this context, the potentials for organizing transnationally to transform it, and how internationalist left media could play a role in amplifying the voices and supporting the organizing efforts. Read more about the event here.

Invited speakers:

Anisia Petcu and Andrei Belibou (Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteigen, Berlin, Germany)
Ana Vilenica (Radical Housing Journal, Serbia)
Zsuzsi Pósfai (Periféria Policy and Research Center, Hungary)
Mihail Dumitriu (The Common Front for Housing – FCDL, Bucharest, Romania)

Moderator: Mary Taylor (LeftEast, ELMO)