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Together We Stand: Enforced Single Motherhood and Ukrainian Refugees’ Care Networks

This article is part of the multilingual ELMO series Transnational migration in CEE from intersectional perspectives of race, gender, class and citizenship. With the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, approximately 7.8 million Ukrainians have fled to European countries[1], searching for safety abroad.[2] According to UNHCR Regional intentions report, approximately 87%[3] of […]

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The War in Ukraine Seen on the Ground. Interview with Oksana Dutchak

Oksana Dutchak is a researcher based in Ukraine and an activist of E.A.S.T. – Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational. She tells about the current ever-changing situation in Ukraine and local attempts of self-organization to cope with the war. The question of how to create a transnational politics of peace has no easy answer. Continuing to mobilize […]

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(Post)pandemic struggles in social reproduction: “Manage somehow”: notes from Ukraine on care labor at a time of local and global crisis

Note of the LeftEast editors: The present text, which we co-publish with TSS is part of a series of publications and webinars on the topics of social reproduction, (women’s) labour and migration in East-Central Europe and beyond. The video from the first webinar Responses to Covid-19 and (post-)pandemic: social reproduction, migrants and women in Central/Eastern […]