Why hiring academics is too important to be left to other academics

“Like virtually all academics, I used to have a phobia of managerial interference in what are traditionally considered academic matters. But my recent experience with the academic pseudo-job-market has convinced me that when it comes to recruitment, we should hand decision-making over to business-minded managers.

I have spent the past academic year applying for lecturer and reader positions in UK philosophy departments. Six years ago, when I applied for seven jobs worldwide, I quickly landed one at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. Since then, the length of my CV has roughly tripled and now features 15 articles – most of them in high-ranking journals in the field – and two forthcoming books with prestigious academic publishers.

I also received an honourable mention in 2012 for one of my articles in the American Philosophical Association’s article prize competition for early career academics. To my knowledge, I am the first non-US-based philosopher to have received this accolade.”

The whole text of the article, here.

One reply on “Why hiring academics is too important to be left to other academics”

Nu cred ca e o ironie. Nimic din ce preceda concluzia nu trimite spre asa ceva. Mai mult, daca citim si alte texte pe care autorul, I. A., le-a scris pe acest subiect, vom vedea ca argumentarea trimite in aceasta directie: presupozitia ca exista o instanta “neutra” ce poate reglementa invatamintul si cercetarea conform unor criterii “obiective”. Acum vreo trei ani acesta instanta era comunitatea stiintifica – care, spre cinstea ei, s-a debarasat fara probleme de filosofi inutili precum G. M. T. -, acum se pare ca aceasta nu-si mai face treaba; asa ca, avem nevoie de manageri, la fel cum avem nevoie de departamente de “human resources”. Ipocrizie cit casa.

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