VIDEO: Remembering Europe (2016)

Written and directed by Manuela Zechner, this film travels across the continent asking people about their experiences and memories of Europe and the EU, as lived territory, social and (geo)political construct. The crisis of 2008-2018 weights heavy in collective memory, yet stories remain fragmented. How to narrate a crisis of the imagination and of capital-H history? How to narrate a crisis of capital and its social effects? Mapping and re-tracing conjectures and territories, Remembering Europe tells a story of Europe through fragments and contradictions, feelings and flashbacks. A docu-fiction-essay, it is based on the method of the future archive, weaving together performative interviews with poetic intuitions.

The movie has been screened at various venues across the continent: Transeuropa Festival Hildesheim, at Solidaritaetshuset (Copenhagen), La Situación (Universidad de Cuenca), etc. It has been conceived as part of the “Future Archive” project, an audiovisual and performative-pedagogical project based on interviews and encounters.

More information about the movie (including individual interviews) and the project can be found at .