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Forced labour in supply chains: missing links between industrial and sexual labour

Note from LeftEast editors. As the issue of forced labour is gaining increasing attention in Eastern Europe, we repost Rutvica Andrijasevic’s text, originally published by Migration Mobilities Bristol on September 14 2021, to draw attention on the importance of the transnational supply chain perspective.  I was in the midst of fieldwork researching the working conditions […]

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Foreign workers in Zrenjanin forced to live in extremely poor accomodation

We repost Marko Miletić’s article published by Mašina. In Serbia, near Zrenjanin, local journalists recently found out that about 500 workers from Vietnam were hired to build the Linglong tire factory in that town. These migrant workers were housed in barracks, under inhuman circumstances, lacking heating, warm clothes, and potable water. Suspecting that these construction workers […]