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The rise of the new Macedonian Left: an interview with Dimitar Apasiev and Recep ‘Haktan’ Ismail

Note from LeftEast editors: The Italian version of the article was originally published on  the Italian left-wing website Sinistra in Europa. On 17th and 31st October this year the first and second rounds of local elections were held in North Macedonia, a country which in recent times has seen the gradual growth of a left-wing party (Levica) […]

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“Why I don’t recognize North Macedonia as my home country”

  Note from LeftEast editors: Last week, Macedonia’s Parliament approved a constitutional amendment to change the country’s name to the Republic of North Macedonia. Under the agreement, the country’s language will be called Macedonian and its people known as Macedonians/citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia. The new name will be used both internationally and bilaterally, […]