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Intersectionality: Post-Marxism, Anti-Marxism, and Neoliberal Capitalism

Intersectionality is all around us. The slogan and evident false dichotomy – my feminism is intersectional or it is bullshit – is used without reflection. It is used as a framework of analysis by university researchers and retains an explanatory resonance with activists. It is perhaps premature to predict its demise. However, what we can […]

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Ankica Cakardic: UN as an intersectional polygon without class perspective

Source: Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung This years’ CSW (59th in a row) was represented by revisiting and celebrating The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA) what without any doubt influenced the framing of the whole conference in the context of «20 years after the Beijing.» Just to remind ourselves quickly the Beijing Declaration was the […]