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“A Story of Hegemony”: The Folk Dance Movement in Hungary (II)

Between Fidesz integration and heritagization Note from LeftEast editors: This is the second of a two-part interview with LeftEast’s Mary Taylor. You can read the first part here. The result of a collaboration with Mérce within ELMO – The Eastern European Left Media Outlet, the interview was also translated into Hungarian by Kristóf Nagy and […]


Struggles in and over Public Space: Hungarian Heritage as a Homeless Free Zone

Source: CritCom, Council of European Studies, Columbia University In November 2013, members of the organization The City Is for All (A Város Mindenkié, henceforth AVM) were forcibly removed from the Budapest General Assembly, after forming a singing, poem-reciting human chain in protest of the extension of criminalization of homeless people ‘to a major part of […]