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Exporting Georgia’s Anti-Corruption reforms to Ukraine; What makes them worth replicating?

“Georgians to the Rescue in Ukraine” “Georgians play key roles in pushing Ukraine’s reforms” “Ukraine’s New Cabinet Lineup Offers Broad Competence for Reforms” – these are just a few of the headlines telling us that Georgia’s post-revolutionary reformers have come to Ukraine to help out with reforms and that commentators are very optimistic about the […]

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Tracing Social Movements in Georgia, from Crisis to Crisis… An interview with Anna and Lela Rekhviashvili.

  Note from the LeftEast editors: We publish this piece in expression of solidarity with the Georgian NGO Identoba, whose Chair has received a number of death threats after she criticized the Christmas speech of the Patriarch of Georgia, which denigrated women. LeftEast has previously published a piece on the controversy between Identoba and the […]