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On SYRIZA and its victory in the recent general elections in Greece

Note from the LeftEast editors: The following piece was composed prior to the most recent negotiations between the SYRIZA government and the EU. We republish it here not to contribute to the current crisis, but to facilitate comradely discussion and debate on the relevant political questions that emerged since January 25. We believe that the […]

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Syriza’s victory stirs the Left’s political imagination across Central, Eastern and South East Europe

Three weeks ago the Left celebrated Syriza’s victory. The plot has thickened since, and it will surely intensify further by the 28th of February when the EU-IMF bailout is due to expire. As the Greek drama unravels, it is those who are most supportive of Syriza that will judge it most critically. Asked by LeftEast’s […]


Greece: Promising the meta-austerity era: Directions and dilemmas

by Theodora Vetta & Anastasios Grigorakis, original source FocaalBlog Thessaloniki, 21 January 2015. Since the announcement of the Greek elections, Greece has once again become the center of global attention. We know that just by watching the news on Greek TV channels. We learn bits and bytes about the discussion that has opened around possible scenarios […]