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Increased Risk of Eviction in Pata Rât of Cluj, Romania – Solidarity Call

89 organizations, collectives and groups, as well as 257 individuals from Romania and other countries demand to stop the eviction process of several Roma families from the modular houses built by Cluj-Napoca City Hall near the landfills in Pata Rât in 2010. Today, 6th of July 2021, we sent our Appeal together with the signatures […]

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VIDEO: #TalkReal in Cluj-Napoca: Combating environmental racism in Eastern Europe

This video and accompanying abstract is part of our ongoing collaboration with Talk Real. In this episode, held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Talk Real discusses the implications of environmental degradation for the local Roma community, and the intersection of systemic racism with environmental neglect. In its post published on October 4, Talk Real writes: Pata Rât […]

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RAMPA DE GUNOI (THE LANDFILL) People looking for sources of income and cheep living conditions settled down right near the landfill starting with the end of 1960s and carried on informal labour (waste selection) since then. Today approximately 250 persons are living within this neglected and life threatening territory in 50 improvised barracks. They were […]