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Will Zagreb be Ours? The prospects for a left-green alternative in Croatia’s capital and beyond

With local elections due to be held in Croatia on 16 May 2021, a left-green political platform Zagreb je Naš (Zagreb is Ours – henceforth ZjN) stands on the brink of a historic achievement.[1] Its candidate for mayor, Tomislav Tomašević, holds a strong lead in the race and is predicted to defeat by a large […]

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An internationalist collective endeavour in times of rising instability: the Eastern European Left Media Network

Note from LeftEast editors: This article first appeared in the Serbian portal Mašina. It summarizes the meeting of the newly established Eastern European Left Media Outlet (ELMO) How much do we Eastern Europeans know about each other? What kind of information can we acquire about each others’ local context? Where is this information produced, in […]

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“Twenty thousand farmers commit suicide in India every year” – Interview with Madhuresh Kumar

“The moment the more corporations are coming and the market players are coming, the prices will go further down. So as a result, when the input cost is very high, the farmers will not have the desired output. So I think the whole contention is around the fact that the laws are to benefit the corporate houses and the commercialization of agriculture. That’s the one, the second is that the minimum support prices structure and the government subsidies for the farmers, that will end, slowly the government will withdraw from it.”

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Essential Strike Manifesto for the 8th of March

Note from LeftEast Editors: We share the Essential Strike Manifesto by E.A.S.T. (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational), a network composed mostly of women, migrants, workers and activists born out of the struggles on social reproduction triggered by the pandemic crisis of Covid-19. E.A.S.T., as the acronym suggests, has Eastern and Central Europe as its main focus […]