International Workers’ Day: Marko Grdesic

Marko Grdesic is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Sociology, University of Wisconsin Madison.  He is currently an affiliate of the Center for Ethnicity, Citizenship and Migration at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb. He researches social movements and political sociology focusing on populism as a set of interactions. “The fact that unions […]

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Was the 8th of March cancelled in the Balkans this year?

Wrapped in a perfumed Valentine’s-meets-Mother’s-Day packaging, year after year International Women’s Day seems to become further stripped of its political flavour. What is worrying is that this occurs at a time when women face deteriorating conditions across the region, in their homes, at the work place and society at large. We asked activists, researchers and […]

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International Women’s Day in the Balkans: Ankica Čakardić

Ankica Čakardić is an assistant professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. She coordinates educational programmes at the Centre for Women’s Studies in Zagreb, is a member of The Organisation for Workers Initiative and Democratisation, Croatia, Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights and the Feminist-Marxist reading group FemFront. “Unfortunately we can really […]

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Presidential Elections in Croatia. An interview with Tomislav Orešković & Marko Milošević of the Workers’ Front.

  Vladimir Unkovski-Korica: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović narrowly defeated incumbent Ivo Josipović to become the new president of Croatia. She is the first member of the centre-right Croatian Democratic Union to become president since the death of the country’s first president after independence, Franjo Tudjman. Why did she win and what did she campaign for? Milošević: Her […]

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The Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights in Croatia. An Interview with Vedrana Bibić and Tina Tešija.

Left East’s Vladimir Unkovski-Korica spoke with Vedrana Bibić and Tina Tešija from the Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights in Zagreb. Could you tell us about who and what gave rise to the Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights? What does the initiative stand for? The Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights is […]