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STOP the International Russian Conservative Forum

The close ties between the Kremlin and many European far-right parties are not a secret. The current Russian government’s warm friendship with Marine le Pen has neither precluded official statements of “concern over the growth of neo-nazism” in Ukraine or the Baltic States, nor prevented some European leftists from voicing support, not only for Vladimir Putin’s policies, but for his rhetoric as well. Just at the moment when politicians from Die Linke or Jean-Luc Mélenchon express their disgust at the presence in the Ukrainian government of some representatives of the far right, an entire congress of European neo-fascist politicians will take place in Saint Petersburg, with unofficial support from Dmitry Rogozin, Russian Deputy of the Prime Minister.

On the 22nd of March, leaders and Members of the European Parliament from the following parties will attend the “International Russian Conservative Forum”:

Golden Dawn (Greece)

British National Party (UK)

Ataka (Bulgaria)

Forza Nuova (Italy)

Radical party (Serbia)

Party of Swedes (Sweden)

National Democratic Party (Germany)

…among other, similar parties. Some of the keynote speakers of the Congress will include, Nick Griffin, former leader of the British National Party, and Udo Voigt from the German NPD, who promised to present a groundbreaking—and no doubt un-ironic—critique of ‘Ukrainian nationalism.’ IRCFOn the Russian side, the primary organizer is the Rodina (“Motherland”) Party, which enjoys unofficial connections with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. It seems that Kremlin officials have no problem endorsing far-right parties who agree with their own policies, even while calling out such extremists when they appear in the pro-Kiev camp.

The LeftEast editorial board calls for its local comrades and others to express their protest against the decision of the Holiday Inn Hotel in St. Petersburg and the Kremlin to allow this Congress to take place in the former Russian capital and on the premises of the hotel.

A way to express your indignation is to send an email to the international and St Peterburg communication directors of the Holiday Inn Hotel, Genush L. and Zoë Bird, InterContinental Hotels Group, Denham, UK, along the following lines:

I am indignant that the Holiday Inn in St. Petersburg has decided to provide a platform to this so-called “International Russian Conservative Forum” (March 22th, 2015), which is in fact a forum of European Neo-Nazi parties, no doubt chosen due to their support for Vladimir Putin’s external and internal policy. The participation of such odious organizations as the “Golden Dawn” (Greece), the National Democratic Party of Germany, the Freedom Party (Austria), and the British National Party is an offense to the feelings of St. Petersburg residents on the eve of the 70th anniversary of Soviet victory over the Nazi invaders in the Great Patriotic War.

I demand an immediate cancellation of the lease contract provided to the organizers of the forum!

For more information in Russian and English – please follow this link


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