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FREEDOM is not easy to obtain! And we must fight for it to deserve it! Every day in ever greater number!

Zdravko Saveski

Note from LeftEast editors: As Macedonian protestors gather for another night of protest, we re-publish here a public statement by Leftist Movement Solidarnost, following this morning’s arrest of Zdravko Saveski, one of the most vocal, brave and tireless fighters for equality and social justice in the country. Numerous other arrests have been announced, in the midst of protests which broke out following the shameful blanket amnesty of the corrupt political elites by Macedonia’s president!

Fellow freedom fighters, VICTORY IS COMING! We have shaken the regime! But we must not yield or surrender! The fight is not over! We must go to protests in mass numbers. So that the grave discontent with the regime is seen, not just speculated. FREEDOM is not easy to obtain! And we must fight for it to deserve it! Every day at 6pm!”  Zdravko Saveski, 25.04.2016, the morning prior to going to the police station for interrogation.

Our friend and longtime comrade Zdravko Saveski was arrested this morning for his active participation in the protests which broke out following the shameful blanket amnesty of the corrupt political elites by Macedonia’s president! We demand his urgent and unconditional release, and demand that any further persecution of our comrades is immediately called off. We shall not stop until the last corner, from the Government, the Parliament, the Ministries, the universities, to the minds of all our fellow citizens, is liberated from the violent fascist methods of this government!

Zdravko, currently a member of the Presidium of the newly formed left party Levica (the Left), is one of the most dedicated and determined fighters for social justice. He has tirelessly been on the streets from the very beginning of the contemporary left activism in Macedonia in 2007. Besides him, other members of Levica are also being targeted, alongside other non-party activists (whether they’re from the left or not). These developments represent a serious blow to the democratic forces in Macedonia, whilst simultaneously exposing the brutal face of the regime.

Zdravko is guilty of one thing: of being a brave, honest and tireless fighter for social justice, freedom and equality. If he is guilty, then all of us, all the protesters who have been protesting every day, are as guilty as him. We are guilty of believing in a better, more just, and truly democratic society, and of fighting for its attainment!

Zdravko’s arrest will not intimidate us, nor will it silence us. On the contrary, it will only further encourage us! We will continue to fight for a society better than the existing one where criminal politicians are being amnestied whilst demonstrators are being arrested for fighting for the common good. Zdravko and all other political prisoners, as well as all other citizens will soon be free! We will win the fight for a society in which the law will not be a weapon in the hands of criminals, used to blackmail and intimidate the citizens. We will win the fight for a society in which sick children will not be dying while criminal gangs steal what belongs to all of us as a community. We want our fellow citizens to live in a society based on solidarity and unity, which offers equal opportunities for all. If necessary we will all go to prison for achieving that! You can arrest us, you can beat us, you can chase us, but you will never stop us.

In the meantime, we are all guilty. We say to the fascist government: come and arrest us at the protests throughout Macedonia! To our comrades, we say: see you every day with even greater zeal and perseverance in the fight! No justice, no peace!

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming!