European Left poised to take third place in European elections

source: AlexisTsipras.Eu

Poll results across Europe show a particularly encouraging rise in the popularity of the Left. According to some estimates, the European Parliamentary Group of the Left (GUE-NGL), is expected to increase its number of MEP’s from 35 to at least 60 in the upcoming Parliamentary elections this May.

Alexis Tsipras’ candidacy for President of the European Commission on behalf of the European Left has energized the Leftist movements across Europe fighting against neoliberalism, austerity and poverty. SYRIZA is in first place in the polls in Greece, giving hope to European citizens, and especially those in Southern Europe who have also been affected by high unemployment.

In Italy, the party “The Other Europe with Tsipras” (L’altra Europa con Tsipras), has unified the Left  parties. In a very short time, the party gained widespread recognition and was able to gather 230,000 signatures, far exceeding the 150,000 signatures required by Italian electoral law for participation in European elections.

Polls place “The Other Europe with Tsipras” at a significant 7.2%. The reference to Tsipras on the ballot is deeply symbolic, as SYRIZA offers a different political perspective far beyond Greece.

In Spain, the United Left (Izquierda Unida) is preparing for a very strong showing in the upcoming elections, exceeding 13%. The hundreds of thousands of protesters that participated in the Dignity Marches in Madrid have boosted the movements opposing the  Memoranda  imposed by Merkel and her supporters in Southern Europe.

In Portugal, the two Left parties of the GUE (Gauche Unitaire Européenne) will approach or exceed 20%, while in France and Germany, the Front de Gauche and Die Linke, respectively, will see a strong rise in their numbers. Significant results are also expected in Ireland and Slovenia, as well.

Projections place the European Left as the third strongest group in the European Parliament, displacing the Liberals. If this proves to be the case, we will see a fundamental change in the balance of political power in Europe.