Declaration of solidarity with the people of Croatia from the part of the Fourth Republic, Hungary.

Here’s a declaration of solidarity with the  people of Croatia from the part of the Fourth Republic, Hungary.

“The 4K! is in solidarity with Croatian workers. Croatian workers, small and middle entrepreneurs will face similar problems we have seen in the last nine years of EU membership. (…) We, the people of East European countries in similar positions of dependency within the EU need to work together to challenge the present European politics. Presently, the EU takes market policies to the Union level, while social policies are left at the level of the member states. In this constellation, member states are bound to serve Union-level market policies favoring banks and European big capital, at the expense of their societies. The Fourth Republic works for a system where social policies are not subordinated to the market, and Croatian people are our allies in this struggle.

The 4K! considers East European countries to be the natural allies of Hungary, in an alliance that is built on the principles of local patriotism instead of nationalism. Croatian and Hungarian patriots work for the same: countries where it is the people, and not the elites that rule. Our interests are common on a regional level: Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia are candidate countres, their accession could strengthen our alliance within the EU. At the same time, the 4K! considers regional collaboration of main importance even outside the EU.