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Call For Solidarity With Macedonia’s Protesters

Photo by Kire Galevski
Photo by Kire Galevski

Note from the LeftEast editors: this text coming from citizens, activists and academics concerned by the recent developments in Macedonia, is an attempt to draw attention to the events in the country. It is also a plea for your solidarity with the citizens who are seeking justice and freedom. If you would like your name or that of your organisation to be added to the list of supporters, please write to, with the following as the subject line: SOLIDARITY WITH MACEDONIA’S PROTESTERS

On Tuesday night (05.05.2015) thousands of citizens of Macedonia protested outside of the government headquarters calling for resignation of the Prime Minister Gruevski and his cabinet. Audio tapes of wiretapped conversations between government officials, which were aired hours before, revealed direct involvement of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs in concealing the truth regarding the murder of a 22-year-old man beaten to death by a police officer while on duty in June 2011.

Photo by Kire Galevski

What started off as a peaceful protest against police brutality soon escalated as the protesters broke the police cordon and moved right in front of the government building. Within a couple of hours, hundreds of fully armed special police forces cracked down on the protest using brute force, shock bombs and tear gas to disperse the crowds, and also threatened to use, but eventually refrained from using water cannons. By the end of the police action, dozens of activists were detained – some of them after being chased far into downtown Skopje. In the hunt of protesters, the special police forces even raided a public university library, harassing the students who happened to be there at the time.

As a result of the violent crackdown, a small number of police officers and passers-by, and a higher number of protesters were seriously injured. An estimated number of 40 activists have been detained. Protests have been scheduled to resume every day at 18:00.

Alarmed by Tuesday nights’ indiscriminate use of force by the police forces in Skopje, we fear that the confrontations are likely to escalate further. We have no doubts that Gruevski will resist the calls for resignation and is prepared to push the police forces to tragic extremes in an attempt to maintain his grip on state power and resources.

Skopje protesti 3
Photo by Kire Galevski

The audiotape which sparked the protest is only the most recent one in a series of leaked wiretaps, which the opposition party the Social Democrats has been broadcasting to the Macedonian public. What began with evidence of the surveillance of over 20,000 citizens orchestrated by the Prime Minister and his cousin, the Chief of the Directorate for Security of Classified Information, Sasho Mijalkov, continued with ever more scandalous revelations.

Photo by Kire Galevski

In over 30 sets of leaked wiretaps the conversations revealed election fraud, complete control over the judiciary and media, actions of direct pressures and threats towards non-supporters, embezzlement of vast quantities of public money and public property for private gain, corruption on a massive scale. They have demonstrated how over a period of 9 years, since Gruevski has been in power, the state has been turned into a criminal network fully dedicated to defending the personal interests of the governing elite, their families and friends, and to maintaining a complete system of control of the public through the incessant use of propaganda. The nearly total control over the media has resulted in limited information available to the Macedonian public regarding the wiretapped materials, the protests and the brutality of the police. Social media and a few media portals have been the only sources of information.

We support the protesters’ requests for the resignation of the Government. Moreover, we urge the Macedonian Police Forces to demonstrate solidarity with their citizens, to restrain from the disproportionate use of violence and to refuse any orders that are against the Constitution and in violation of the rights and liberties of the protesters. Finally, we call for an unbiased and professional reporting by national and international media on the ongoing events.

 If you would like your name and/or that of your organisation to be added to the list of supporters, please write to, with the following as the subject line: SOLIDARITY WITH MACEDONIA’S PROTESTERS



LD Solidarnost, Macedonia

Cross-border Committee, Macedonia



Pokret Occupy Croatia

European Alternatives

Levi Front Srbija

Centar za politike emancipacije, Serbia

ODRAZ- Organizacija za demokratsku reakciju i asocijacija udruzenja

Macedonian Centre for European Training

MJAFT! Movement – Albania

LadiC — LadilnicA Macedonia

Open University Sarajevo

IDS, Initiative for Democratic Socialism – Slovenia

Project 2020, Cardiff, Wales

Türk Mimar ve Mühendis Odaları Birliği İl Koordinasyon Kurulu (TMMOB IKK)

Initiative for Democratic Socialism (member of The United Left coalition)

Zelena omladina Srbije (Serbian Green Youth)

Urban Movements Istanbul

Civic Initiatives, Belgrade, Serbia

Socijaldemokratska omadina Srbije

Life After Capitalism, Bulgaria

AnarresBooks, Bulgaria


Elena B. Stavrevska, Central European University, Hungary

Adela Gjorgjioska, LeftEast, Italy

Anastas Vangeli, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Trajce Panov, European University Institute, Italy

Leonora Grcheva, Macedonia

Ana Aceska, Humboldt University, Germany

Marjan Ajevski, NYU

Tomce Runcevski, Max Planck Society and University of California Berkeley

Ognen Vangelov, Queen’s University, Canada

Rory Archer, University of Graz, Austria

Ana Tomicic, Croatia

Emin Eminagic, Lijevi BiH

Sanne van den Heuvel, The Netherlands

Mina Baginova

Philippe Bertinchamps, Le Courrier des Balkans

Teresa Forte, Portugal

Mariya Ivancheva, LeftEast, Bulgaria

Katerina Anastasiou, transform!europe,

Sava Jokić, Marks21, Belgrade

Maja Savevska, Harvard Law School

Olimpija Hristova Zaevska, Institute for Social Innovation and Research – Impact, Macedonia

Tanja Milevska, Journalist, Belgium

Alexis Cukier, Ensemble-Front de gauche, France

Dr. Rudolf Gabriel, physician, Austria

Jana Gajic, student, Serbia

Elena Veljanovska, Curator, Berlin

Neda Genova, cultural theorist, Bulgaria

Jose Reis Santos, Contemporary History Institute, New University of Lisboa

Alexander Lambevski, Sextures Institute, Sydney, Australia

Josipa Rizankoska, University of Siena, Italy

Neda Genova, cultural theorist, Bulgaria

Gareth Davies, MPhil candidate in Sociology, Trinity College Dublin

Borjan Gjuzelov, University of Flensburg, Germany

Alen Zekovic, PhD student of Laws, Serbia

Anna Chung, PhD in Political Science

Roska Vrgova, Poland

Goran Lazarevski, Columbia University

Biljana Kotevska, Human Rights researcher and activist, Alumna of the Universities of Essex, Bologna, Sarajevo and UKIM

Zoran Gjorgievski, London, UK

Alfredo Sasso, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

Marija Radoman

Radomir Trajkovic

Vesna Milosavljević,

Erka Kosta

Ron Salaj – Human Rights activist & campaigner, Italy

Ana Marija Najdova , Macedonia

Drivalda Delia, Student, LMU, Munich

Martin Naunov, Middlebury College

Paula Jojart; gender expert and activist, Slovakia

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Aleksej Demjanski, Elliott School of International Affairs

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Zsuzsa Selyem, Writer, Romania

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Ersoy Tan

Marta Maja Lipińska, Youth Worker, Poland

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Bartosz Mindewicz, Cultural activist, Poland

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Filiz Mut

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Zvonko Dimoski, Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań, Poland

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Noa Espino

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Gentiana Cani

Martin Petrov

Goran Janev, Sts Cyril and Methodius University,  Skopje

Safet Ahmeti, Center for Visual Studies Skopje


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Bravo, brave and honest people, needing to fight and put your lives i danger to get a bit of justice, never mind social justice…

With a great respect

Maja Berilazic


I urge the Macedonian Police Forces to demonstrate solidarity with their citizens, just the way the Romanian police did during the 1989 revolution that brought the budding democracy in my country.

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