Bulgarian ‘Children of the Transition’

A text by Mariya Petkova about the current protests in Bulgaria:

It did not take much for the Bulgarian public to take to the streets demanding the fall of its new government after the disaster of an election it witnessed in May. Bulgarian voters had already punished political parties with a largely fragmented vote which forced the previous ruling party (GERB), which “won”, to give up its mandate and hand it over to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). Its leaders managed to produce a mockery of a government in which they are allied with the “ethnic Turkish” party (the Movement for Rights and Liberties – MRL) and have the tacit approval of the far-right party “Ataka.”

The fact that the MRL is in the same boat with the ultra-nationalists is the least ridiculous aspect of this government. Its fragility was clear from the beginning and quickly reached its low-point with the appointment of Delyan Peevski (an MRL member) as the head of the State Agency for National Security (known as DANS, which gave the rise of the protests’ use  of the hashtag  #DANSwithme). Peevski, whose mother controls a prominent media conglomerate, has had numerous allegations of corruption levelled against him.

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