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Racism, Islamophobia and Decoloniality on the Balkans. Interview with Piro Rexhepi

Note from LeftEast editors: We reprint Neda Genova’s interview with Piro Rexhepi about some of the motivations and main ideas behind his book “White Enclosures. Racial Capitalism and Coloniality Along the Balkan Route”. The Interview was originally published at Dversia, as part of a collaboration within ELMO – The Eastern European Left Media Outlet. Please note […]

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‘A Better Past is Still Possible’. Interview with Boris Buden

Note from LeftEast Editors: This interview was originally published in Bulgarian for dVERSIA (8/2017) on the occasion of the publication of the Bulgarian translation of Boris Buden’s book ‘Zone des Übergangs. Über das Ende des Postkommunismus’. Neda Genova: There is a dominant discourse in Bulgaria which often mobilises an anti-communist rhetoric as an explanatory matrix […]