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A Fiasco for the Conservative Left: on the Presidential Elections in Slovakia

Originally published in Bulgarian in Translated for LeftEast by Kamelia Tzeneva. A fiasco for the conservative left The candidate of the extra-parliamentary party “Progressive Slovakia” Zuzana Čaputová is the new president of the country. Despite her victory, the extreme right manages to set the tone for political debate.   The news that Slovakia will […]

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Lea Vajsova: There are now ruptures through which a feminist movement will start unfolding in Bulgaria

Note by the LeftEast editors: This interview with Lea Vajsova was conducted by Yuliana Metodieva for the Bulgarian website Marginalia. BG . It was translated from the Bulgarian by Dorotea Stefanova and Stoyo Tetevenski and reprinted with Lea Vajsova’s permission. Lea Vajsova, PhD is an assistant professor at the department of Sociology in Sofia University. […]