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VIDEO: Living up to a name: The story of Plamen Goranov. An interview with the film-makers.

LeftEast recently sat down with Martin Marinos and Andre Andreev to discuss their film ‘Flame: A Short Film About Plamen Goranov,’ which recently won the Thessaloniki Film Festival’s Audience Award for Best Short Film. The documentary explores the life of Plamen Goranov whose self-immolation during the Bulgarian protests in 2013 spurred the resignation of Varna’s […]

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Reflections on the Bosnian Spring. An interview with Emin Eminagic.

Today marks the first anniversary of the Tuzla protests, with which the bosnian spring of 2014 began. Probably the only one of the popular uprisings in the postcommunist world from the 2011-2014 wave to fire the imagination of leftists of all stripes, it is no more. But Bosnia and Herzegovina will never be the same […]

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The Bulgarian winter: between the devil and the deep blue sea

On Wednesday, 20th of February 2013, the Bulgarian government headed by Boyko Borissov has deposited its resignation. What happened? What comes next? Over the last week, Bulgarians in most big cities have been out in the streets, protesting against the increased electricity and heating bills. While the increase has happened gradually throughout 2012, the bills that […]