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International Women’s Day in the Balkans: Jana Tsoneva

Jana Tsoneva is a PhD student in Sociology and Social anthropology at CEU, Budapest. She researches the latest anti-government mobilizations in Bulgaria and is interested in theories of populism, ideology and civil society. “The new textile factories, which fuel Bulgaria’s exports to Western Europe offer local women primitive working conditions and a pay that is […]

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The systematic decline of women’s rights in Macedonia in recent years

This publication has been made in cooperation with the Serbo-Croatian political web portal Bilten.Org. A version of this piece was also published on the author’s website, Amateuress. In recent years Macedonia has undergone a very subtle, yet dreadfully pervasive deterioration of the situation with womens’ rights. After an initial surge of promise with the introduction of […]


Sosyalist Feminist Kolektif: Fighting for Women’s Rights in Turkey. An interview with Selin Cagatay.

Note from the LeftEast editors: The attempted rape, murder, and burning of 20-year-old university student Özgecan Aslan on Feb. 11th touched a nerve in a society where male-on-female violence has been a chronic problem. Massive demonstrations throughout Turkey followed soon after, but what will it take to stem the surge in  femicide over the last […]

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The Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights in Croatia. An Interview with Vedrana Bibić and Tina Tešija.

Left East’s Vladimir Unkovski-Korica spoke with Vedrana Bibić and Tina Tešija from the Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights in Zagreb. Could you tell us about who and what gave rise to the Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights? What does the initiative stand for? The Women’s Front for Labour and Social Rights is […]